Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Shower

Last week I was invited to a baby shower.  I love to make handmade items to give to the new mom.  I decided for this shower to crochet up some hats and booties and sew up some soft blocks.  I love the soft blocks.  I decided to do a rainbow of them with different patterns.  I figured this will be visually stimulating to the baby in early development and later on could serve as a color learning tool.  Plus they are soft and can be tossed around.  There are different ways to make these super cute blocks.  I found this tutorial through Better Homes and Gardens.  To me this technique was easier then some of the other techniques and tutorials I tried.

The hats and booties are coordinated so the booties could be worn with both hats.  The purple hat has a removable band that can also be worn by it's self as a headband and both flowers are attached with a button so they can be removed and switched. I love these colors!  The pattern for the booties can be purchased through www.hookcandy.com the purple hat http://annavirginiafashion.blogspot.com/2010/11/baby-flapper-girl-hat-pattern.html I added the headband myself it is not part of the pattern.  The pattern for the white hat is here: http://whowantstobemarthawhenicanbeme.blogspot.com/2011/11/bear-y-sweet-hat.html I just left off the ears and the flower pattern which is my tried and true go to pattern from a fellow North westerner is http://www.action-hero.net/blog/2004/09/crocheted-flower-pattern.html

Cute huh?

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